Monday, February 1, 2016

January Wrap-Up / February Goals

    One of the most useful things I do - when I am on my game :-) is to evaluate and set new goals.  I did that for the year - but am still a bit tentative as to what exactly I am working towards... so I didn't really commit to many specific actions.
This year I want to continue focus on creating healthy habits (or how to stay healthy without working too hard :-).... continue growing in my crafts (because I seem to be a happier person when I am making - AND learning).... slowly grow in my business ventures (because a little extra income doesn't ever hurt).... and work towards creating the life I want.

This last statement often hangs me up because I am already happy :-)  Most of the time.  But I don't want life to slide by me in the course of a day.... I want to choose.  So I kind of visualize what I want my life to look like 10 years from now... and what I need to do to prepare for that now.   today.

So..... there is my path.....  and here is my wrap-up

Areas of FUN - handwork, of course!
    FINISHED.. Sandcastle quilt
                        hanging sleeves for 3 quilted wall hangings

  ASSEMBLED...   churn dash 1 (photo on this post)  [AND completed the extra blocks I needed to make it wider!]

   WORKED ON.... Ireland sampler

This block was TOUGH!!
                        Halloween jelly roll... aka SPOOKY Quilt  (new - but a gift...quilt completion date - end of Feb)

                       Droid Quilt Along (new - but a gift - quilt completion date - end of March)   Can you guess which droid?
                                     QAL details can be found HERE
                       White log cabin
                       El's kitchen
                       Applique wall hangings
                       Rainbow Scrappy Blocks
  STARTED....... well - I will leave that one alone for now :-)  Those projects will end up in my Feb WIP :-)

What I did NOT do is MEND a quilt....  I have a pile of my mother-in-law's quilts that need some love... I had told myself - one per month.... and I need to get to that!

Business goals:
     prepared Lent Children's Liturgy for sale
      started time sheet for internet clients
     kept up with personal finances

Life goals:
  increase exercise:  USED the new treadmill... (not a lot but that's coming)
                                 achieved the 10K steps some days  (need to challenge more friends and DO it!)
                                stretches and daily strength (started... but need to firm up routine)

   Food:  moving more and more toward plant base - meat as condiment
              daily salad, cut veggies, fresh fruit, smoothie  (some or all)
             eating out of pantry - reducing the grocery bill and wasting less

   Declutter:  neatened desk and kept it :-)
                       emptied a few boxes.  I will set better (more specific) goals for February
February -
  same areas BUT
         **will START with the mending basket (in my sewing goals)
         **snail mail letters  [small goal.... didn't get the Christmas cards out - AGAIN - so am planning on snail mail cards & letters.  I never feel like sitting down and writing them.. but I see myself as an old woman who writes letters.  So I need to figure this out or chuck the vision!  I have all supplies ready to go - I just need to begin]
          **I chose a particular declutter SPOT and will tackle it.  (not limited to that area but will be satisfied with it if that is all I do!)  [AND keep my desk under control]
         **I will buy a particular piece of furniture  (I STINK at decorating and put up with a lot of inconvenience by NOT getting what I need.  ONE piece is on my list)

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