Thursday, April 30, 2015

29 Gifts - a book review and project

29 Gifts in 29 days

A prescription for healing

The book, 29 Gifts by Cami Walker, is a story and collection of essays.  Ill with a chronic and progressive disease, she was advised by a spiritual friend to give 29 gifts away in 29 days.

The story is about Cami herself.

The essays are the stories about the gifts and how her life was impacted in a positive way by the giving.

She learned many things about gifts... how to define them, what gifts she had to offer, how her giving impacted the world... and conversely how giving made her more able to receive.

For me, I am inspired.

I like to give.

But some of my giving is easy. 

Money and things - of course those count!

But there is so much more opportunity to give and I think I would like to become a more giving person.

I think approaching any given day with an attitude of finding a way to give will be a good way to find joy :-)

So - I will start May 1.... a gift a day... and see where that leads me.

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