Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude Photos #6 Strength

From the archives:

Strength.... I'm going to get personal with this one....

I am grateful that I am strong.

Strong enough to weather life's blows

Strong enough to help others' bear their burdens

Strong enough to change my life when needed.

My archive photo is me crossing the finish line of my first race

At age 51... when I embarked on a healthier lifestyle and decided to become an athlete

I am grateful for my strength

(and, oh so grateful for the Lord's strength at my back!)

and later... for my daily photo:

Wow - late for various family emergency reasons but here it is

A photo that represents a tough decision

and gratitude for the strength to make it.

Praying for the strength to remain peaceful...

heartsore, yes, but peaceful about it.

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