Friday, November 1, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude Photos #3 Life

I'm grateful for life.... and not sure what kind of photo to post...

but my blog title says it best....  the journey....  Life is a journey...

with lots of loved ones coming and going

but I am grateful to have people to love

I have two from the archives for Life.....  a very special person I said good-bye to this year....  one of heaven's new formidable angels

and a very special person I said hello to this year....  our new little angel to love. 

I am grateful for both of them and all of my loved ones in between that are still on the journey with me.

Today, I am starting on an 8 hour ROAD TRIP with my husband to Savannah and am looking forward to a late dinner with extended family.  I will have to look for my photo of LIFE as I travel through today.... so look for more later!


So here it is:

To me, these little plants symbolize hope.  They are in a hostile environment but they don't give up.  They push and push and do what they can every day.  They obviously don't have ideal conditions - but look at them!  They are alive, they are growing.... in spite of the inner city brick walls and traffic and cement.

I am grateful for life because life is HOPE.  

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