Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 19 Happy New Year!!


I love starting new things on my mid-December birthday so I have a couple of holiday weeks as a reality check before starting new projects gung ho!

I did two things consistently:
     I set myself a goal of logging my walked miles (55.5 miles)
     I decided to write a '12 Day of Christmas' devotional.

I can say today that I have completed the mile logging AND am close to finishing the devotional..

So, it's fair to add to my plate!

For January:
     30 min exercise daily - Log Miles (2 miles = 30 minutes)
     daily green smoothie
      write daily (blog, reflection, manage Children's Liturgy)
      experiment with raw meals

there's more... in my excitement....

but I need to make FIND JOY be at the TOP of the list!!

The last few days I have been sick....
    still plugging along...

but there has been JOY
     in beautiful sunrises
         in quilt blocks that are actually going together well
              in a soup that was absolutely perfect....
                    in a dog curled up beside me snoring softly

May I never be so absorbed in projects and To Do lists that I forget the truly important things

that bring JOY.

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