Friday, September 11, 2015


I'm a great STARTER.....

As a matter of fact... I have discovered my greatest strengths are researching the new... strategizing how to begin.... and starting a new project.   (It's best for all concerned that SOMEONE take the reins soon after because my interest will wane)

I've often said that I follow Jesus' motto.... work hard for 3 years.... turn everything over and then move on to another project...  Three years does seem to be my limit of real effectiveness unless there is an ongoing reason to continue...

BUT I am learning to gain pleasure from the FINISH.

Physical road races helped me see how this works :-)  All the blood and tears near the end.. and that RUSH as you cross the line....

And I set stages of time that clue me in that it is time for a last push....  (Mile 3 of 3.1, Mile 10 of 13.1, Mile 18 of 26.2)... time to start thinking about the end...  AND the JOY I feel when the job is completed...

And September marks that time frame for me.

When other people are talking about STARTS..... I am thinking about FINISHES..

What is ongoing that I can finish by December 31..... what can I accomplish?

Much of it is crafting.. and I will post some of that in the next few days.

Some of it is solidifying habits..... much is decluttering....  I like to focus NOW.... because in another month the holiday madness will set in and I will lose focus.

And the BULK of my FINISHING is to NOT

NOT buy what I don't need
NOT start a new project
NOT accept a gift I can't use
NOT store what I do not envision a use for in the near future

So for a month or two... a couple of times annually.....  it's about the finish!

[of course... you do have to know that I am marginally successful.. I am ME after all.. and my personal talent is STARTS :-)

How about you.... what will  you accomplish - or finish - by year end?

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