Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday Day 259/365 2015

It's been a while since I've shared my works in progress....  I did such a good job of winding up and putting away my things before I went to Hawaii that it has been hard to know where to begin again!

I had bought fabrics for a quilt in my Leisure Arts encyclopedia book that is like Eleanor Burns Jewel Box.  Not the same but close enough that I didn't want to purchase another book.  My quilt shop was holding the Jewel Box as a class and I wanted to join my friends (at home) so I got the fabric to make my own.

These are the two main blocks for MY jewel box quilt.... little 4-patches and half-square triangles.. bazillions of them :-)  I used 16-17 different batiks and Kona Snow

Starting a new project keeps me interested while I pull out the ones I need to get moving on again.

And... back to the scraps by color ... it's been a while....  I am not even sure where I left off.. purple I think.  So I have moved forward with more purple and added reds and browns.

Will do more posts on the scraps later!

Summer Porch from one of Eleanor Burns' books.. my quilt shop does a lot of her designs as classes.  I love the way this worked out.... I had the birds from a remnant I bought years ago.. I have a cardinals and flowers (springlike) and cardinals and pine (winterlike)..  but not enough to do anything with.   When I saw this pine fabric in the shop about the time the class was being held, I thought... hmmm...

..and it has turned out fairly well... I will share more later as the blocks come together.  I don't have enough for a full quilt so will fashion something for my wall and see what else is left.  At the same time I found a reasonably coordinating flower fabric for the spring birds so will have some seasonal hangings to play with

 And this bird....  From the Elephant parade posted earlier this year at Sew Fresh Quilts  

No problems with any of the blocks EXCEPT reversing the bird.  2 birds - one is fine.. the reversed one is kicking my tail....  anyway - I will show you later how it turned out and tell you what I plan to do to him later to fix!  

This part looks fine - but I got the tail messed up.... THREE times... and, if you know me, you KNOW I am not messing with it any more after a while.  I think I can fix the damage with an applique or embroidery later when I am actually quilting it!

Also in the mix is a mini-quilt from the Aurifil Designer of the Month series from 2015.  I think this one is from April

..which obviously is my month for PURPLE!

 And, last for right now is turning the log cabin heart wallhanging (Eleanor Burns again) into a lap quilt.  I simply don't have walls that want hangings as large as what she defines a wall hanging!

 In this photo I am working on one of two sets of borders to make it a bit bigger...

So I am back in the swing....  Next week as I finish these things up, I will be working on quilt sandwiches, getting ready for a BUNCH of machine quilting to finish by year end!

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