Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Things I Learned in Year 59 #1 Time Matters

Time matters.

At best, I am halfway through my journey on this planet.... (IF I live to be 118, that is :-)  and I PLAN to see my 100th birthday....

But no matter how you slice it... my journey is on the downhill side.

And how I spend this time matters.

When you are young, you are growing and fighting and flailing around... and have time to spend on things that don't help you..

Like irrational fear.

There are definitely things to fear in this world.  But they are not irrational fears.  Like spiders, snakes
Or thunder

Even things that hurt me once but are random.... like hurricanes... and poison ivy

These are things that are real... that co-exist with me on this planet.... and I can prepare for and watch out for.... and deal with. 

But I no longer have time to wallow in the fear of what MIGHT happen.

I only have time for now.

And again..... I keep my eyes open.  I am a realist.
And I prepare.

But fear will not stop me.

And I exercise this in wild adventures (for me).... where my intellect knows I am 98% safe..... and it's a risk worth taking if only to remind my emotions that I am in charge.

Being in charge of my emotions makes me a victor.
 Unchecked irrational fears make me a victim.

And I have no time for that!


Lesson #1:  I have no time for irrational fears and am willing to work to remember that!

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