Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday Sandwiches!! 9/23/2015

As you folks probably know... creating the quilt top with pieces of fabric are only the first step.... next comes a whole other thing.... the sandwiching and quilting itself...

This last week - because it's September, I am reminded of several projects that are hanging around waiting to be made into sandwiches....  That is, they need a backing and the batting in the middle with the quilt on top.

The is the fourth of a 4 panel piece I bought and started this time last year :-)  I completed and gave away two of them.... one is half quilted.. and this one was waiting for the backing and batting....  I have hand basted all of these on this page

One of the bird lattice panels I spoke about in one of the prior blog posts.  This is a small completed wall hanging that is now basted and ready for quilting.

My grandson's quilt... I LOVE the way this turned out....  I used half square triangles and came up with the design myself

This is the BACK of my grandson's quilt....  autograph squares from my daughter's shower....  This will be the coolest quilt ever when I finish it....  This one is the FIRST on the quilting list when I get started!

Lighthouse panel squares with a rail fence variation between....  Second on the list.. it is a wedding present for someone whose wedding was in May..  Most people who machine quilt use safety pins to baste their quilts but if you work in multiples like I do...  well, I don't even WANT to own all the pins these tops would require!

Another OLD one with finished piecing.  This is another of the rogue sets of blocks I started years ago when I first started piecing.  The color choices are not very good.. but I can see where I pulled from scraps and which were some of my first fat quarter purchases.  The stitching is awful and lumpy piecing in a few.. but I am pleased with the fact that I finished up the piecing in this last year and found a great fabric for sashing.   By the time I am finished, I think it will be great - I will put enough embellishment on the blocks to make them work!

The spring lattice panels..... too big for a wallhanging - for me - but will make a nice throw.... I am still tickled about being able to pair an old remnant I loved with a more current fabric.  Those birds have been in my stash for years!

This is a Sisters Choice block... last year I made a throw for my sister and have a thought in my head of making more of these for the chosen sisters in my life.  It's a long term project I have not worked on this year!  I made this particular one with one of my SOLE sisters in mind (I have several special women I WALK with in one way or another...) At some point, I will make a bunch of these blocks for the sisters in my life.  I made the block large - so this is almost table topper size... bigger than a placemat.  It's my first one and I can't wait to see how it turns out when it is finished.

And this is the last one from this basting party!  A full size jelly roll quilt.   When I do a batch of basting... I try to get all the smaller stuff, at least one OLDER thing, and at least one FULL quilt.  [I had 3 more fulls in the pile that I planned to baste but I think I will be lucky to get these done!  If I work through these quickly enough, I will baste the others]

I did hand baste all of these - which, if you need a photo, you can imagine me on my hands and knees on the floor!  I first tape the backing down on the floor to keep it from shifting while I work.... then layer and trim the batting (middle layer)... and then lay out the top.   and start making LONG stitches to hold it all together... an X from corner to corner and then a 6-8 inch grid over the rest of the quilt starting in the middle and working out.

All of these quilts now can be folded and can wait until I am ready to get stitching on my sewing machine..... or by hand.... wherever the spirit leads.....

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