Friday, May 11, 2012

Big Goals!

I've been stalled for a few months.... not really sure why.... maybe because all my little goals are boring!  I mean, if they interested me, I wouldn't have to work so hard creating new habits, would I?

Little goals are important - but for me - these little goals are more about building habits.  And why would I want to create habits??

Because I want some things in my life to be on auto-pilot.  I do not want to be fighting with myself forever about things that would make my life easier.....  like routinely cleaning things out... or working down the debt and not creating more....  like eating more fruits and veggies than anything else.  These are things that are not my easy habits now - BUT would make my life infinitely better if I just did them....  these are small things that will build a life that will make me happy and bring me closer to the person God intended me to be.

I do need to look farther though.....  I never want to have to say what I hear so many people my age say....  "I CAN'T because I'm too old..... too sick.... too tired.... too whatever"

I want to be in a position where I can say "I CAN"  or "I can TRY".  Being ready to participate in new experiences.... go new places.... add thoughts and ideas to my life-long cache of mental treasures - oh yes, this is what I want my life to be.

To that end, I've been thinking lately of adventures..... of "what would I like to DO?"  My husband chuckles at me... he is pretty happy with the status quo.  But for some reason, I am always itching for a little bit more.

A friend is talking about celebrating her 60th birthday at the end of the Appalachian Trail... (having hiked the whole thing beforehand).  And you know what?  I am seriously considering joining her.  I will turn 60 that year too..... I will turn 60 a few months later.....  I had also said to my husband some time ago that I would like to participate in the Honolulu Marathon (because sometimes it is held on my birthday)... oh yes, you guessed it - the next time it is on my birthday is that same year.

So it's kind of rolling around my head that I have 2 big challenges/adventures to prepare for in a few years... how to turn a 'never camp' kind of girl into someone who will spend a few months walking from Georgia to Maine.... and then come home to train for the marathon (walking!).. BIG goals....  I like it...

And in the meantime, my hubby will turn 60 first and has responded to my diea by talking about New Zealand....  I can practice hiking there, right?  

Sounds like I have a purpose for any money I can raise selling stuff :-)

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  1. Of course I LOVE this post!!!! ;) Huge goals are great and I find it funny that your marathon 'training' would begin at the completion of a Thru-hike??? LOL....

    New Zealand also sounds good....goooo Don!

    Great reasons to sell excess 'stuff' and start an 'adventure fund'....

    Let's do it!