Thursday, November 8, 2012

21 Days - Day 7 - I CAN'T!

"I CAN'T" 


Negative language derails us every time.  How many times do YOU mess up your own good plans with negative language?

Never?  You never say I can't or I won't?

Well... how about hedging your bets?  Making sure you aren't committed or responsible?

"I'll try....."


" IF possible..."

Can't be held accountable for these....   yes, my friends.. these count as negative language too.

And that doesn't even address the usual negative remarks like...

"I ALWAYS procrastinate"

"I NEVER follow through"

"I'm lazy, that's just the way I am"

Again... no commitment here.... just accepting that you are flawed... which is FINE but not at all helpful assuming you want to make a change!  Which is WHY you are reading and trying to be more self-disciplined, isn't it?

Pay attention to the dialogue going on in your head!  Does it serve you to beat yourself down?  Does it serve you to create a life where you are not able to succeed?  Or does it simply give you another excuse?

Think of an uplifting thing to say to yourself when you catch yourself in a negative thought mode!   Re-frame your statements TO and ABOUT yourself to reflect the positive disciplined person you really are :-)

Day 7 Recap:

Sooooooo... for all those beautiful words about being positive?  YIKES!!  It has not been a busier day than usual... but I am leaving in the morning for a date weekend with my beloved.  And I am stressing!  Why?

Well.... it's an interruption (no matter how much fun it will be).  I won't be working on my blog again until Sunday night or Monday morning.  My quilt isn't a portable project.  I certainly can't spritz the bathroom.  I will be participating in a race this weekend so the exercise bike is out.  SO, projects will be completely interrupted for 3 days.

I am leaving my two sons here at home (understand that they are men - so this is a non-issue!).  They will be responsible for the pets and the house.  And, I remind myself, it doesn't MATTER if they run out of food or clothing.  They are MEN and perfectly capable ones at that.

So, it's just me winding up loose ends and preparing to spend time away.  It's okay, I tell myself.  And it's good.

I will post again in the morning and then pick back up Sunday night and be farther behind but continuing the journey!

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