Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crochet Post! #247 - 250 and 251-254

Back to it - heading to the beach today and running around like crazy!  The past week I have been working on different projects and trying to decide which ones to take with me!  It is always hard to pare down and choose!  It's a little crazy that my project bag is larger than my clothing bag :-)  But I think most yarn addicts will understand :-)

Anyway - this is it for today - I think my favorite is the Pansy cloth this week.  Remember that all these patterns are from Maggie Weldon's 2011 Dishcloth Challenge and are located in the September archives at  Go grab a pattern and join me in the fun!

#247  Popcorn & Stripes Crochet Dishcloth  pictured below on the upper left.. I enjoyed doing this one - once I figured out what I was doing!

#248 Pansy Crochet Dishcloth - below on the upper right - LOVE the way this one turned out!!  Not too hard to figure out and looks exactly like a pansy :-)  I would definitely do this one again simply because it's so pretty :-)

#249  Who Knows? Crochet Dishcloth - pictured above on the bottom left....  a very basic easy pattern with some stitches added on top at the end.  It is a technique that adds some interest to the final product!

#250 V-Stitch Variation Crochet Dishcloth - above on the bottom right.  Like most of these patterns, it was pretty easy to figure out and fun to do!

The next set of 8 dishcloths are pictured below:

#251 - Lavender & Spearmint Dishcloth - pictured below on the bottom left.  I apologize for the lighting in the photo.. you can't really see how pretty it turned out!  But I do like the round patterns because they work up so quickly.  I'm not sure how this will do as a dishcloth but I am certain that if I made another one and stitched them together, it would make a really pretty and useful hot pad for the table.

#252 Striped V-stitches Dishcloth - on the bottom right.... this one is a basic v-stitch, works up quickly and shows off variegated yarn nicely :-) 

#253 Flat Rose Dishcloth - pictured above on the upper right.  I am already smiling thinking of using these pretty flower cloths while doing dishes or cleaning.  What a joy not only to create but also to use!  I am already plotting to start over with the patterns I had fun with so I can use up the many different colored scraps I have left from this big project.

#254 Nascar Dishcloth - uh.. I feel certain you can guess this one!  I had fun doing this cloth - but will have to hunt for a racing fan to give it to :-)  I do think it is pretty in it's own right though!

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