Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude Photos Day #1 Nature

So I started going back through my photos to see what I could find that would showcase my gratitude and I found one that took my breath away!

Just a moment in time..... caught by my phone of all things.  A stormy summer day.... clearing up as the sun was going down.... and a rainbow caught!  This picture is taken from my porch... and for all the effort my husband and I have put into simply keeping the house... financially AND physically, I am grateful.  And especially grateful for the PORCH!

So.... after I posted this photo from my archives and I started out the door on a day of crazy errands before leaving town....  I spied a surprise!

(Decided that my archive photos might be the prettiest ones.... but that it would be a great exercise to force myself to find something - anything - in the theme EACH DAY to be grateful for as well)

So - my surprise?  An autumn crocus!  I forgot I had it.  Years ago, I saw an autumn crocus for the first time on a trip to a botanical garden with a couple of friends... one of whom is now an angel :-)  I remember searching online to learn about them.... I am familiar with the spring ones, of course - but autumn?  Anyway, I found them and bought them and planted them around.. and promptly forgot them.  And here it is!

When I get home, I plan to dig him up and put him in a special place where I will remember.  Hmm..... or maybe I should leave well enough alone.. he does look happy :-)

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