Thursday, October 31, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude Photos Day # 2 Color!



Hmm..... grateful for color..... this one stretched me a little.. but then I remembered a dark dreary winter (which - in MY brain - they ALL are :-)  SAD is my constant companion much of the year :-)  I sometimes think I need an IV of Vitamin D....

anyway... a tub of little balls of yarn....

and my HAPPY afghan was born.  Over a month of dreary cold.... I happily worked with these sunshine colors.... and - wrapped up in it is still my happy place :-)

And then the challenge.....  what today?   Where is my gratitude for COLOR today?  Today I am blessed to be at home.. to finish packing for an out of town wedding weekend... and then off to another state for the Komen 3Day Walk.... yep, hectic!

I saw a lovely misty gray pinkish sunrise.... but I didn't have my camera.  And I went on about my day.

I saw a few bright red leaves among the green ones in my Japanese magnolia..... but I didn't have my camera.  (I am sensing a pattern here that I will have to work with)

I tried to get a shot of the warm brown eyes of my foxy-colored pup.... but those came out glowing green which is a little creepy - though perhaps appropriate for Halloween :-)

And then I thought of this!

I just brought my plants in recently and the cactus are in full BUD :-)  I may miss some of the blooming since we are leaving tomorrow.. but today I can be grateful that this particular cactus is so healthy.  This cactus (and the pot it is in) is one that belonged to my husband's mother.  So it's special.

And, just for fun, this next cactus photo was a surprise.  Last winter I picked up a couple of pieces of broken cactus off the floor of a store.  I came home and stuffed them in a pot.

My mother-in-law always told me that if you should never ask for a plant, you should just take it.  And that kind would grow the best.  This time it sure worked.... apparently I got pieces from two different types of cactus!

It might make me a thief.... I prefer to think that they would have swept up the floor and trashed the pieces....  but it makes me think of her and that makes me smile.  And grateful :-)

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