Thursday, November 19, 2015


Oh my goodness!

It's official!

I am going to Ireland!

June 2016

How crazy is that?

So... here is serendipity.   If you are a regular reader, you might remember that my husband kidnapped me last Mothers Day and we ran off to Winchester, VA for the weekend.

Looking back I didn't really write much about it.  I noted it in a One Sentence Journal Post.... but I was in the middle of the 29 Days of Giving series so I didn't elaborate..

so I will do it here.

It was a surprise weekend and my husband had found a beer tasting at a plantation house in the Winchester, VA area.  (Since the kids have been gone, we have been slowly and tentatively trying to regain some ground as a couple.  It's a difficult time of life, I think.... not enough has been said about it - but it's real!  And we have accidentally discovered that we both enjoy alcohol tastings)

Anyway - I was pleased that he found something we both enjoy and planned this on his own :-)  And a side trip to Luray Caverns on the way home.... more new fun :-)

Pulling into the hotel on Friday night, there were several Model A cars.... and my husband is a true car guy... so some interest piqued..   One of the owners was standing by his car so we had to talk to him.... and there was a car show that weekend.  Serendipity for him!  [and now a personal joke about a surprise for me that turned out to be for him too :-)]

Long story short... Saturday morning was quilt store, car show and THEN the beer tasting.....    the quilt store was the Scrappy Apple... and it so happened that the owner leads trips to Ireland.  I picked up info and we left.  And that was that.

Little bits and pieces and talking about travel and our age and things like that.  Adventure and our work trip to Hawaii and an upcoming BIG anniversary in 2016..  and months... and a week ago, we were talking and Ireland came up again.  And his question to me?   Can husbands go?

Huh?  wow... this is serious from my quiet husband.

The answer is YES.... and while it is a quilting group, it is not a trip where we complete a project or anything like that.  We are touring Ireland.  Yes we will go to quilt shops.  Yes we will tour a weaver's shop.  And quilt museums.  But mostly basic sites and resort accommodations to enjoy.  And sight-seeing.  And the Blarney Stone.

And we drove back to Winchester this week to get more info and put down a deposit.


It's real!

And I have 7 months to dream and read and get ready! [which is at least 80% of MY personal FUN!]

I am not posting this until I have my passport in hand to complete the forms....  so I will be able to




  1. lucky lucky you!!! That is going to be a really fun adventure for you and your husband :)

  2. yes it will... still going EEKKK!! in my brain... but also dreaming of an Irish quilt to commemorate.... hmmmm....