Sunday, August 30, 2015

Quilt Stories - There's No Place Like Home 2015

When I first saw this pattern

Streak o Lightnin
Janice Pope
which you can purchase here

It was being offered as a class at my local quilt shop.....

and I just couldn't settle on a colorway.   We didn't sell jelly rolls at the time.. so no help there....  several folks went with a lovely deep blue/white theme.. but I just wasn't feeling it.

But I WAS feeling a fabric.... which is how things often begin with me.  It's name was Christmas Rose.... but it was clearly a poppy.  That aggravates me to no end.. isn't it silly?

But it was red and green with a little gilt on the edges..... and I do like sparkle!

And, since they were poppies...... well, the other color needed to be my yellow brick road..... so I went with about 8 shades of gold & yellow.  And changed it up.... I wanted the stripes to go vertical rather than horizontal...

quilt top

I also ended up skipping the triangle point border because the quilt ended up pretty BIG!  I did think the border is a brilliant way to use up all the little angle points I cut off the strips...... but I am stitching the triangles into squares for my scrap collection.  And I had plenty of gold strips left to stitch together for a scrappy binding.

quilting done and binding started.... ready to finish the binding by hand and the label

I am pretty proud of this beauty.... completely stitched on my little sewing machine.... and finished!

Always there to remind me that happiness is right here in my own backyard!


Post Script.....  When I made this quilt, of course my mind was continually filled with the story of the Wizard of Oz....  and I was reminded every time I worked on it [or even looked at it afterward] of my beloved daughter, Brenna.  My intention was for her to have the quilt eventually... when I was tired of it...

I didn't get tired of it... but my girl bought a new house... her very first!  And this quilt - all of a sudden - was no longer mine, but hers!  I still need to make her a quilt from start to finish.... but she has the first of her inherited ones!

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