Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crochet Post! #255 - 258 and 259-262

Life has been nuts for me just like everyone else... what is it about the springtime that gets us spinning??

I am trying to get back to my writing and goals for the year but it's a slow crawl right now punctuated with a lot of immediate yardwork, housework and family events!  I have grand plans of getting back to a more sensible way of living but will probably be stuck in the day-to-day for a while yet.

In the meantime, there is always my crochet!  It keeps me calm and a little bit sane....

As well as the dishcloths I am sharing this week, I have a little 'finish up'!  I am proud to be pulling some treasures out of their bins and finishing them up...

This newborn blanket has been hanging around a while waiting for me to wind it up ... and there was enough yarn left on the skein to make this:

 Not enough yarn left for sleeves but this little jacket will work well in the air conditioning or over a long sleeve shirt.

I also finished up a couple of gifts but can't post them until I get them to the recipients!

And on to the dishcloths for this week :-)

#255  Before the Pie.... Dishcloth... Looking at the photo below.... which one could possibly go into a pie?   Yep - you got it :-)  I enjoyed doing this apple.. The stem is also a loop for hanging so that is a plus as well!  So here is one that required stitching that was worth the work :-)

#256 Scallops Dishcloth  pictured below on the bottom right.  This one has an interesting texture that will be good for cleaning... It was fun to figure out and worked up quickly!

#257  Baseball Dishcloth pictured above on the upper right.  Oh my, did this one make me nuts!!  The illustration on the pattern is a beautiful ROUND ball.  I did something wrong somewhere along the way.. My baseball would have made a lovely STOP SIGN!  Anyway, it is a total disaster as a baseball (from my perspective) but will be a good cleaning cloth and maybe I can find a baseball aficionado who will appreciate the concept!

#258 Loopy Dishcloth.. pictured on the bottom left.  Another disappointment for me!  With a nondescript end-product (in my opinion, of course), this pattern was difficult to follow!  Not hard to do, per se, but required a lot more concentration than it was worth!

The next four cloths are in the picture below :-)

#259  Sedge Stitch Dishcloth.. pictured below on the upper right.  This one was intriguing!  The stitch was not difficult but was new to me and fun to do.  It worked up quickly and I am thrilled with the texture :-)

#260  Knots and Crosses Dishcloth  Pictured below on the bottom left.  I had fun doing this one.  The pretty pastels & soft cotton yarn make it a nice addition to a baby gift basket!

#261 Sunflower 2 Dishcloth  pictured above on the bottom right.  This one is absolutely beautiful!  The one I did doesn't lie quite flat but that might work out in time... I am still pleased and will enjoy using it in the summer!

#262  Cafe Au Lait Dishcloth  above on the upper left... Another gorgeous surprise!  I really do like trying different techniques and combinations of stitches and this one is really pretty.  I think it would make a stunning afghan square as well

These patterns are all located in the September 2011 archives at  They are part of the 2011 Dishcloth a Day contest!

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