Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 194 Summer Canning Adventures!

I do have to say that half the fun I am having with canning is researching new recipes.  Since I really started doing this more just last year, I don't have an arsenal of tried and true recipes (at least until pear season!  I DO have a plan for when they come in)  Somehow the challenge that comes with receiving more than I can eat of a given vegetable... turns on my creativity and sends me hunting for something that sounds interesting.

Again I will share my notes and links and I admit freely that while I am exact in my liquid measurements for safe canning... I have a free hand with my spices.  I use fresh when possible and store bought when it's at hand.... I also use a little more rather than less because for the most part I like things a little more flavorful than most.

First focus this week... carrots.   I like carrots... raw.  Sometimes cooked WITH something else.  Not a real fan of a main dish of carrots... though I may have to start looking in that direction soon with the abundance I have.

But for this week...Pickled Dilly Carrots.    I have NO dill product left from last summer and I made at least a case each of Dilly Beans and Giardiniera {mixed vegetable pickle).  So my plan (LOOSE PLAN :-) is to make at least 6 jars each of dill whatever this summer.  Just to try.

One batch got me 3 jars so I needed to make more!

Also because you really can't buy many dill vegetables in the store - like Dilly Beans or, in this case, Pickled Dilly Carrots.  Eleven big fat carrots got me 7 half pint jars of dilled carrot sticks.. and some ends and bits and pieces to toss in with some roasted veggies this week.  [8 more carrots came in my box this week.. so more hunting is on my agenda!]

BLUEBERRIES!  Okay I picked TWO GALLONS last week when I picked them so I really need to keep jamming!  Or something!  I packed 2 ziptop bags and tossed them in the freezer because I AM getting tired of making jam for now.  BUT I have MORE!  I found this recipe:  Blueberry Mojito Jam    And, since I have limes and a good crop of mint in my backyard, it seemed like a good pick.  And it IS yummy.... but only made 3 half-pints and a quarter-pint jar.  Plenty enough for me - but not enough for my Christmas gift closet.  I will make another batch somewhere in the week ahead on a day I am home.

So I made  Pickled Beets with Dill and Mustard   with the LAST baby beets (described in a previous post from 6/23).... until this past Saturday.  Turns out there's more beets..... so off I go to hunt down another recipe.

Most of my canning takes place early in the morning... first thing with that first cup of coffee.  And I am usually finished by 8am so I can start my day.  It's been a full week of running for me and I need a day at home to catch up!

That's it til next week!  Happy canning!

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