Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One Sentence Journal May 25- May 31

Mon May 25.....
     A lovely day at home!  A day to kind of catch my breath... to begin Project Hawaii...  and to just enjoy

Tue May 26..
   Lunch out.. what a wonderful visit with an old friend!

Wed May 27
     Quilt store and a million errands looking for baby shower supplies.. thunderstorms & scaredy-dogs tonight...   First day of airconditioning in office.

Thu May 28... Knit Wit group...Mireya preschool graduation

Fri May 29... Virginia preschool graduation... pick up cousins from the airport on their return from Europe

Sat May 30... a couple of the kids coming down for the day to visit with Ann & Marvin

Sun May 31.. most of the rest of the kids and families coming down scattered throughout the day to visit....

Definitely a hectic week!   Each day I put a little time into current quilting projects..  piecing the new grandbaby quilt & the quilt shop test blocks.... quilting ,y yellow brick road quilt.. and some handwork on the grandmother's flower garden.

Also did well - really well at doing my dvds and counting calories.... not fun - but successful!

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