Monday, June 22, 2015

Those last Beets......

Baby Dill Beets & Refrigerator Red Beet Eggs

The  last beets in my CSA Box were all tiny that there will be no cutting or slicing!
So while I will use a recipe I found.. Pickled Beets with Dill and Mustard      I changed things up a little so they will be MY Baby Dill Beets.

In case you are interested... preparing beets for canning is simple.... a little messy but absolutely simple.

First I topped them (tho if you read my CSA post, you will already know I received them topped because the insects were getting to the greens..).  Scrub them up to get rid of residual soil or whatever.. Then cut off the root and top where the greens were attached... and any debatable spots on the beet.  (What does Debatable mean?  well.. do you want to eat that spot or not?)

Put the beets in a pan and just cover with water.  I don't use much... (you know me.. I don't like waste and nutrients are leaching into this water!)  Bring the water to a boil.... covering with a lid makes it happen quicker.   Boil until they are fork tender.... add water as needed to keep them covered.

When you are satisfied as to their tenderness, drain and save the liquid (I use it in place of water for the canning recipe)    Cool... and then the peels slip right off!  Your hands get a little red but it washes right up.

I then followed the brine recipe with the one substitution I just mentioned.

I cleaned up and prepared the jars and placed the baby beets WHOLE into the jars - along with the fresh dill and mustard seed.

Pour brine into the jars, seal and can.

I saved the brine (like I saved it the other day) and the extra beet water.   For a second life.... I took the above beet concoction.... and tossed in a few hard-boiled eggs and the roasted beets I made the other night (not a fave)....

 and this created a refrigerator pickled red beet & egg that is to die for!    And, of course, like most pickles.. the longer it stands, the better the flavor!

(Please ignore that I obviously had an issue peeling that egg!)

Do I have you canning yet?  Why not?  It's so easy!

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