Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weekly Goals... Week 29 May 25-31

Week 9

In case you are wondering - the title of my post says Week 29 - because it is 29 weeks until I turn 60... it is week 9 because I've been trying to focus on health and wellness for 9 weeks :-))

New Goals!
     Project Hawaii begins this week
          daily workouts - Gilad Quick Fit
          log food / count calories
          wear pedo (count steps)
          FOCUS - water.... minimum 4 bottles
                        [total success in behavior modification AND 1.5 pounds lost :-)]
To continue to work on:
        Whole food prep
         Morning mile
         Mini-strength routine  [do TWO times]

Personal:  connect with friends & family - cards, lunches, phone [one lunch and a TON of family over this weekend]

Business: catch up on EOM bills, post more liturgy plans to newer website

FUN: pickle beets from CSA box, get some strawberries and make jam, work on quilt for new grand & work on hexagon stitching project
         [ made the strawberry jam and worked on the sewing projects.. beets still waiting!]

Day 1 of food logging really SUCKED!  The calories were a lot higher than I expected - though the food intake was definitely better.  I have to keep in mind that when I begin to keep track of numbers... the GOAL is simply to keep track and become aware.  Judgments need to stay out!  I kept track of my steps for 3 weeks before I got serious about more exercise.

Day 4.. still rolling!  pretty sore... food better and better.  waking up easier - though sore!  Aches clearly from exercise not just because...  Am I doomed to ache when I wake forever?   <sigh>   Oh well - NOT today's issue!  Today is onward and upward!

All in all I did pretty well

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