Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 186 WIP Wednesday

I am in a crafting place where I don't have any specific new project going on that is capturing my interest... so am using the time to work on some of those UFOs... unfinished objects.. that are lying around.  And I have a TON of those!

I wanted to work on finishing up some machine quilting.. so this happy garden quilt by Debbie Mumm was first priority.

And... the machine work is complete!  Now this project moves on to the handwork basket for embroidery and embellishment!

Next is piecing something OLD....  a project started around 2008.... before I had any grandchildren.  I had a dream that this would be for my first one.  Ha!  Not so much :-)  Anyway..I did most of the blocks back then and set them aside.  Over the course of this past year - as I have been cleaning out, I located them and finished the blocks.

This past week I cut the sashing and put the top together.  Still a LONG way from finished... at least it can move from the "unassembled blocks" collection... to the "unfinished tops" collection :-)

As I worked on projects, I tend to group them by thread color.  Most of my piecing is done with either white or natural... and I am working in natural this week!  A newer project - started 2015 - is a valentine wall hanging.  Well - the pattern called it a wall hanging but my personal walls need something a good bit smaller!

But I am going to finish it anyway and perhaps drape it over the back of a couch or something.  But for now - the top is completed.  It still needs to be squared up and put in the same pile as the toybox quilt.  This pattern is a log cabin version and from an Eleanor Burns book.  I did make one extra heart so I can still craft a hanging of a size I prefer.  Maybe a thin border and binding from the chocolate if I have enough.  The photo doesn't do it justice.. the neutrals are really subtle and pretty.

Crochet this week is edging for receiving blankets... one of the things my pregnant daughter most enjoys.

I do not enjoy this first part.... putting the base edging on the little thread border of the blanket!  I will share the finished product with you when I finally get these done.

AND.... I ended up with a library shift during the craft club meeting this week so I brought a bag of balls someone gave me and a hook and decided to work on a lap robe for the veterans hospital.   I'd say I'm about halfway through at this point..

More handwork in front of the tv....  I've gotten hooked on hexie flowers!  I always thought they would be so very tedious.... but am finding that I really enjoy them.  And they are small enough I may be able to transport them when I travel.

I will take better pictures later... but here is one of the flowers that I am beginning for what looks to be another years long project!

And, as a finale for this week's crafting, new kitchen curtains!

As a part of the new kitchen reno.. I decided to make new curtains...  I still like the old ones, but they are faded and it is time for a new look!  I found some butterflies that made me smile and have been putting off the project for a month or so...

I only know how to make one kind of curtain... I need to expand my repertoire!  BUT.. be that as it may....  I did get them done this week and they are hanging in my kitchen!

 The old ones, as I said are faded but the fabric is still good.  I am fairly confident that they will end up in my scrap fabric collection and into a project and no one will ever know!  [except you,of course and you won't tell, will you?]

What are you creating this week?

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