Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 208 June Canning Adventures

More carrots on the agenda this week so I am still hunting for recipes.  I found a couple to try but settled first on one that uses jalapenos and cumin.

Mexican Pickled Carrots

which look so very pretty.  I hope they are good.  They are a complete departure from anything I've ever made!

Blueberries are still waiting to be processed so I went for another batch of the Blueberry Mojito Jam.  I love the flavor - and it is so pretty

The lime and mint in it are a great twist! And good experience for me grating the limes to get the zest.... since lime zest is not available dried for me to buy!  I did take the leftover limes and mint and tossed them in a pitcher of tea to enjoy to the end!

AND... for a finale this week I put up a quick Kosher dill pickle with my overflow of cucumbers.  The hardest part was cutting spears that fit my half-pint jars that I typically use for canning.

It left a bunch of ends and weird shaped pieces.....  but since I also had leftover brine....  I pulled a quart jar.... some garlic and a head of dill... tossed in the cuke pieces and leftover brine.... and stuffed in the fridge to eat later.  In a week or two, they should be pretty good eating!

Not sure what is on next week's agenda..... but there are a couple of beets and carrots in the refrigerator waiting to see what comes in the next produce box!

Happy canning!

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