Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 221 - WIP Wednesday July 2015

It's booked!  An upcoming potential business trip is no longer potential!  We are going to Hawaii... and in our usual fashion.... business trip morphs into vacation .... so now I am going to remain in crafting limbo for a few more weeks...

I can't exactly dig into a new project.... so I am prepping crafts to take with me (does anyone else do that?), winding up projects I have in process and setting up projects to jump into when I get home.

So... more cutting....

......for hexies to take with me on the plane.. (can I take needle and snips on the plane?)  [Research says YES as long as the blade is less than 4 inches long]

..... for the reverse side of the grandgirls' Christmas quilts  (Princess and the Pea)

And I've continued to stitch on the ROADS quilt for the boys.  This is something I can work on until I run out of what I cut.  I will get back on it after the trip:

The photo below gives you an idea of how these blocks will come together.

I'll share more next week as I assemble them!

There are new classes at my quilt shop - a jewel box and a double pinwheel.  I have a hard time NOT jumping in to do what my peers are doing....  I got the fabric for the jewel box because I have a similar pattern in a book I already own

But nixed on the double pinwheel.  I do LOVE pinwheels so will make my own scrappy one with a free internet pattern... or just do some half square triangles and play by myself!

I also came home with the fabric for an advanced class this fall... a Virginia sampler where all the blocks have something to do with Virginia.  I'm NOT looking forward to it... It IS advanced with paper piecing and an exactitude I don't care for - but I do have to keep the learning going... and this is what is offered.  I LOVE the fabric though so I will enjoy that part.

And finishing the top for a wedding gift - 

I apologize for the lighting here - it's a pretty lighthouse panel that I created blocks to go between.  Nothing fancy - BUT I planned and created it myself so I'm kind of proud of it :-)  The sandcastle fabric on the side will be the back...   This project can go in the "need to be sandwiched and quilted" pile for after my trip (to Hawaii!!  stay tuned!)

So - there you go for this week.....  what are you up to?

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