Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 214.. Work in Progress.... July 2015

Since I had the little grands for a week.... I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  I had put most of my work away when I knew they were coming... and now I am having a hard time getting projects back into focus.

That said..... I have a whole list of things I can do when I am out of focus :-)  That is one of the blessings of having multiple projects in the works!

First off... I have been behind in my scrap management projects.  I have an ongoing scrap basket on my cutting table that could use a little sorting out..... PLUS all the separate containers of brown, orange and red (that I worked on last week)..... with beginnings of black/white & Christmas.  I'm not sure about what other categories of bins... maybe florals because they are hard to categorize by color.

Anyway - unfocused but ready to work....and still cutting..

at my weekly crafting group, a friend had remembered a quilt I am working on for the boys this Christmas and brought a garbage bag of scraps for me to go through.  SO I started cutting those up and refolding the rest to return to her... more browns and greens and golds....

I used my usual method and returned pieces to her that had been squared up and folded neatly and I gleaned lots of random pieces large and small to work into my projects....

In the midst of the cutting.... I realized there were plenty of half-done projects to complete while I was deciding where to focus....

The black top I added borders to a week or so ago... needed one more set of borders to make it a size I like better.  Adding an additional 6 inch border gave me an additional 11 finished inches all the way around...

And now this top is ready to add to the "square up" pile.

I hemmed a skirt for my granddaughter while I was working a little bit on the hexie flowers....  I had made a simply gathered skirt for her a year ago - and she likes them dragging on the ground.  Well... since last year... she GREW!  Fortunately I had put a large hem in it... and it can still drag :-)  And enough yet for another inch or two letdown.

I finished up the quick Japanese quilt I started a few weeks ago..... learning how to miter corners.   I do like the look - but need a LOT more practice!  I ripped each corner out twice - which is my limit! [unless things are absolutely terrible]  I am more than willing to overlook some flaws in my work as long as I continue to improve.

The mitered corner.....

...and the finished top.   One more for the 'square up' collection...  I am not sure how I will quilt it - but that is another problem for another day!

And one more little thing... started two more lovies for my daughter's project.  I had pledged a lovie blanket for each sponsor she finds (she was up to 8, I think) .. and I think she is almost up to 20 now.....  I will keep my pledge but not my time frame!  I will share those as I do them!

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