Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday - Works in Progress... Crafty!

      I ALWAYS have projects going either on my crochet hooks or my sewing machine...  and I do keep track of the completed projects - particularly on Facebook...  but here I can share things as I go along.

One of the goals of my life is to SIMPLIFY it.  Hard to envision - even harder to put in place!  Mostly, I think.. because the definition is tough to pin down.  It's kind of nebulous, you know?  De-stress, simplify... and it's personal.  What would simplify MY life might not simplify yours!

Anyway - in that vein.... I have some projects that have been hanging around for a while... like YEARS.  (Just to put things in perspective.. I began quilting in 2007...... and finished (am finishing!) my first quilt in 2014. 

THIS year, I want to finish some of my projects!  Or at the very least move them towards completion.

And.. at the same time, I am still taking classes to improve my skills, doing quicker new projects and some gift sewing ... so cleaning up the old while enjoying the new!

So.. this week, I am putting some finishing touches on the first quilt to be finished.... a label... and I need to do two more things:  I have decided that I will hand quilt my signature into each quilt I do (just for fun :-).... and I need to write its story.  I'd like to create a book of my quilts as a 'some day' historical chronicle.  So my quilts will not be complete unless they are labelled, signed and documented.

I am working on a quilt top from a printed panel - a nice beach-y theme that I designed with blocks in between that remind me of the ocean.  Far from finished.... I will still put borders on it, then it will need to be quilted and so on.. but you can get a general feel for the finished product

I'm kind of proud of this one because I thought up the pieced blocks and figured out the math and all that stuff..... an original :-)

finished up some Quilt Along blocks


some odds and ends for ongoing projects (a churn dash quilt that has 50 some odd blocks in various stages of completion... and 4-patch blocks ( I need 70-something) for one of the Quilt Along borders..)  The last are some that are cut and started.. I work on them as I complete other things.

While not a terrible old project, this bottom FINISHED project has taken me more than a year.  I do like color and variety so just as soon as I finished the medallions, I started slowing down!   I'm very excited about this one though since it for a July birthday (and did I mention that it is FINISHED?)

What is in YOUR half-done basket?

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