Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 207 - Wednesday WIP

After last week's adventures with my grandchildren, I still haven't gotten back in the swing of things!

I have spent the last few days CUTTING!  Catching up on cutting my stash into usable pieces that work with the scrappy projects I have in progress.  I cut up my browns and my reds and finished up with my purples....  I still need to share the colors as I do them.  I have grand plans to do a post or two on the way I cut up and organize my stash.

I've been cutting scraps for the Christmas quilts I have in progress for 4 of the grands..... will share more on that later.  One side of the girls' quilts is done and I am piecing the back to make a reversible quilt... both sides come with a Book :-)

And for the boys, I am doing a bed-sized quilt that is also a roadway play mat....  All 4 quilts are so scrappy that I will have leftovers and will probably have to make another one or two of each and then figure out what to do with them.  But that is a problem for another day!

I was confident of my receiving blankets but when I asked the question - I found out they are not needed.  So, rather than finish them now... I will put the set away and see what happens next!   If a boy arrives and I need a gift, they will be a cinch to finish up with a little more of a border!

I finished the lap blanket for the VA hospital.  Considering it is what I concocted from a bag of random donated balls of yarn, I think it looks pretty good!

And my daughter and granddaughter are working on a project filling bags for pediatric cancer patients.  They are looking for people to sponsor bags for $20 - and I volunteered to make little lovie blankets for each sponsor.  So far I have to make 8 (and have one done!).  

Needless to say I'm pretty proud of my girls.  The patients will get nice 31 thermal bags filled with goodies!  The lovies will be extra but I like the idea of adding to their project and encouraging them.

That's about all I have to share for this week.  I'll have to see what I can do for next week to be a little more impressive...

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