Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 228 Work in Progress preparing for vacation...

This week has been a whirlwind!  Working on multiple projects daily as I do - planning for vacation always is a good thing... but a whole process in itself!  I must admit though - I do like putting a deadline on myself every now and then to clean up and reorganize and keep turning our finished projects!

First off are three priorities:  NO new projects, assess what I can finish in the allotted time frame, and choose and prepare supplies / projects to take with me.  This really does take a couple of weeks of prep as you've seen in the last week or so...   (though I DID squeeze that Japanese panel print quilt top in there!)

I am kind of tickled with all the progress I made on the "Roads" quilt for the grandboys' Christmas.  I LOVE making the blocks - a really good thing since I will need 120 of them (which means I am hand tracing and cutting out 240 each of 3 different shapes!)   I had cut several blocks for this.... my shapes fit on shapes I cut with my rotary cutter.... 4X7 for the gray road..... and then 2 other shapes that fit on a 6X6 and a 4X4.  Initially I went through my fabrics and cut a "width of fabric" strip to those measurements and prepared those sizes to work with.  As part of my vacay prep, I marked, cut and stitched everything I could.  So... at this point (I ran out of the gray pre-cut blocks..), I have 30 completed blocks.    Still a long way to go... but I am still having fun and see no reason why I can't have them for Christmas....

Here are some of the completed blocks randomly laid out.... I think they are going to make a wonderful quilt  And if I don't work fast enough, I will switch from bed-sized quilt to playmat..... I did find some wonderful train track fabric I can back it with....  mmmm...... seems I MUST make a trip to that quilt store again!

The hexies to go  are taking a lot of time.  making sure I have something to do on a 17 hour plane trip without overloading myself   so little zip loc bags with supplies for maybe 5 flowers.  That should give me enough to not get bored.... and of course I have a book on Kindle AND my husband to keep me occupied:-)

and.... I worked on my lovie project until the last minute!  I completed these 3 - except for the last edging rounds!  They will have to wait until I return!

So that's it!!  Deep breath here... leaving all but my hexie bags and my sample Hawaiian quilting attempt to mess with while I am away!

What are YOU creating?  How do you prepare for a trip away from your normal crafting schedule?

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