Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Day of Travel... to Hawaii!

Do you get it?

That pit in your gut that feels like nerves?

That place between the discomfort of leaving home and the fear of what is happening next?

I LOVE that feeling!

When you leave home the best you can
    and are beginning the journey of moving forward into NEW.
Is it a role change?  I mean - I have things i usually do at home... and then I do move into vacay mode.....

Is it simply new surroundings?  Where you are a little off balance because you don't know exactly where you will land and what you will do or feel.

That in between place is where I meet me.

Where I have no role

No responsibility

except to


Once you enter the system... ie check in at the airport.. surrender your luggage... 
You kind of lose your identity.. you are just a tiny piece of a humongous system...

 a BIT.  A tiny, though significant, piece of information being shuffled around from address to address. No longer in control of your movements.

Sometimes all goes well.   Sometimes not. But its not your responsibility. You are just there. Your part is to BE. To place your concerns in some one else's hands
Sound scary??
It can be
But for me.... More often,

its freeing.  
Because here is one place I am absolutely not responsible. 
I can't even convince MYSELF that I am responsible. 

So I rest


and have no questions pestering me about what to do next.

Success, failure
It has nothing to do with me
My role is clear

and I enjoy!

I do love to fly :-)

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