Thursday, August 6, 2015

Making a List and Wandering .. Day 1 Hawaii

It used to be that when we'd take a vacation,
I'd have a plan.

Because I homeschooled the kids... so before we went anywhere...

I knew what the sites were nearby wherever we stayed.
I knew where the grocery stores and gas stations were
I knew what public transportation was available.
I knew the restaurants we would try.

But now it's different
Educating children isn't my focus.
Feeding a family and handling those little crises isn't my focus.

I don't know what I want to do.

So I have a little battle going on inside between what I OUGHT to visit (READ: what used to be important) and what I FEEL like doing.

And my poor husband... well, he usually did whatever I planned out

And now... he has to weigh in.

Our vacation is about us.

Do we want to go to a tourist site?
Do we want to go to the beach?
Do we want to try new foods? 

So... today was about wandering around the hotel, getting a feel for what we could reach on foot.

We found a cafe and had pancakes... a nice hearty breakfast after that long, long flight... and I tried coconut syrup. [YES! to trying new foods!]    Hmm... shall I take some home?

We found that Hard Rock Honolulu was within walking distance and one of my few collecting vices is Hard Rock beer glasses.

I found post cards and got one written.... I do want to get cards out to the grandkids before I get home again.

And we talked.....  about this and that and what we wanted to do this week away.  And mostly I think we just want to enjoy time together...  but we do have a list now.... with the things most important to each of us... so we have a focus.

I did escape and go to the pool.  My husband does not like the pool or the beach... and I don't want to wander off too far without him... so basking at the pool was my afternoon choice!

He will be working tomorrow and I have a quilt class to find.....

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