Tuesday, May 19, 2015

29 Gifts.. Day 19.. a Car wash and a Choice

Well.... I had a 3 hour trip to make

so I couldn't take the time to get my car washed...

But I told the three girls with the sign

that I would give them a donation when

I left the store.

I'm sure everyone told them that

and they ambushed me again

as I left.

But I was ready for them

I put a cash donation in their box

and asked them to tell me why they were standing in the hot sun raising money.

They were exuberant and joyful and told me

all the good things the car wash money would do.

I thanked them for their hard work

and gave them each a personal dollar

to buy a drink

or make a donation

or share with the others

or whatever.

a Choice.

Sometimes I think we forget that it is simply because we HAVE

that we can make the choice to GIVE.

Today I gave money to the fundraiser

and a choice to the girls.

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