Friday, August 7, 2015

Quilt Class and Decisions - Day 2 Hawaii

Excited and nervous this morning...

Hubs needs to go in to work..... and I need NOT to sit in the hotel room waiting for him to get back...  so after we shared breakfast (tried a malasada - which is a wonderful pastry!) and he left...... it was my turn to occupy my morning..

I located another quilting class besides the one I already registered for on Saturday... apparently there are several traditional classes around here at various places....  and I found one.  And it's not too far.. about a mile using the route we walked together yesterday.   You will laugh... where I live.. it is almost 20 miles to the nearest traffic light... so bear with me a little as I tell you how nerve-wracking it is to go a mile in the city!

But it's a friendly city with tons of crosswalks, lights for pedestrians and laid back drivers... so nerve-wracking.. but good!

The class was held in a food court in a lovely open air mall.  Open air is one of the lovely things about Oahu.....  many establishments are open to the sun and breeze... and birds. (More about the birds later!)

Two ladies.. I wish I had gotten their names!..  brought cushion kits.. with Hawaiian quilting motifs already cut out and basted.

It was amazing to me that these ladies worked with all of us - some participants had never stitched anything ever.  For all my concerns, I am definitely already experienced with a needle and thread!

This took up the morning and I made some progress on my chosen project:

I learned a lot of little tricks about needle turn applique.  I think I will really enjoy putting this together.

Afterwards - since this was a food court, I planned on eating here... BUT... <deep breath>  I did not want to eat at a regular franchise I patronize at home..... but I couldn't figure out what to order at the others.  I slowly wandered from one to the next trying to decide....  the two that intrigued me the most were a PHO place and a Japanese curry place.  So many people though.. who knew exactly what they wanted.. and I didn't even know what was offered :-)  I just saw the very fresh veggies.... anyway, I was getting hungrier and a little more than frustrated so I left and headed back to a place and a different menu I knew.. Hard Rock.

I was a little disappointed in myself before I realized that I was eating at a restaurant ALONE and feeling quite relaxed and SAFE.  And that is a HUGE accomplishment in itself!  Does that make sense?

I am discovering quite a lot about me on this trip... and I need to give myself a few gold stars for getting out there and DOING IT!  NOT berate myself for what I DIDN'T do.

This was enough for me for one day though....  I spent lunch trying to decide what to do next.. I mean I SHOULD be doing something, right?  Maximizing my time and all that?  But as I searched inside myself - I came up with a dozen things to do.. but didn't really want to do any of them.  They felt like SHOULDS. 

So.... in the absence of a true desire to do something specific, I went back to the hotel and enjoyed some pool time!   I am determined to spend my time figuring out what I WANT to do.. and not run around doing what I SHOULD>

Since my husband is supposed to work again tomorrow, I DID go ahead and spring for a trolley pass for all 4 lines....  I am thinking that tomorrow morning, I will hop on one of the trolleys and ride it around seeing the sites... and then hop on another one...  and spend the day wandering around!  Sometimes I berate myself for being so afraid - but I have come to realize, I am NOT afraid - I like to have a plan.. I NEED to be prepared.  Once that happens, I don't care how things actually fall out.... it's kind a mental prep I need.

Got one postcard written and spent my afternoon sunning like a cat!  My husband is not a beach or pool guy.... and I AM!  The pool is close enough for him to reach me and me to get to him in a reasonable time frame so that is where I hung out before he got back!

He didn't get back til late and was bushed... so a quiet dinner and evening in the hotel.  I got more sewing done..... and he crashed!

and there ya go... Day 2 comes to a close...

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