Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Post Feb 17, 2016

So I came back home from my daughter's and promptly got sick!  Not badly enough to be in bed the whole time - but def enough to spend time resting and drinking hot tea!

BUT lots of sewing!  Any time away from my machine leaves me in a spot where I need to work on my ongoing projects and get moving again!  I found 2 samplers while I was away.... one is the 365 Challenge - where you make one block daily for a year.  I said NO at first - and then had to take a peek!  Some are fairly easy - some pretty complicated - but all piecing and fun :-)  And so tiny that they use up my bits and pieces that might have been trashed.  BUT since we all know I've been saving them, well.... they are ready to use for a free quilt :-)

365 Challenge

Of course - at this point, I need to play catch up... so here is what I have this week - untrimmed and all only 3.5 inches square unfinished

January 10-16

Jan 17-23

Feb 10-14 + extra Bonus Valentine block

I am having more fun than I probably ought to.... I feel that however rough some of these are - I am honing my piecing skills like crazy!

The Splendid Sampler

Bonus block + Block 1
I still need to machine applique the heart on Block 1 but have am collecting a few items for machine applique and will do a lot of that at one time....

I had a brainstorm thought about the fabric for this sampler.  I am using some leftover fabric from curtains I made.  the prints are botanical... the designer from North Carolina.... all flowers and birds and butterflies.... (and if I run out of fabric I can cut up my curtains and make new ones :-)

Aurifil Blocks
 - finished up one from 2015

and the current one for January 2016

For these I am choosing colors as I go..... 2015 was specific colors for each month.... this year I am choosing by block

Droid Quilt Along

making progress!  I finished the Week 3 - Block B

I have the next week's cut out but we will see whether I get them done or not!

And.... the Shenandoah Botanical Album

I have had the fabric for a while but couldn't decide whether I was going to hand applique it or use fusible.  I decided that I would get frustrated with the hand applique at this point in my learning so fusible it is!  And machine applique (I TOLD you I was stock piling some machine applique for a marathon session!)

Month 1
I am several months behind in the sew along... I have kept us with printing and enlarging the patterns.  So at this point I need to trace the patterns on to the fusible interfacing and choose fabrics.... then cut, place and press!

Month 2
Boy, that sounds easy!  But the patterns are fairly intricate - so it's time consuming.  I am enjoying learning about period fabrics though and creating something so completely different than my usual :-)

When I get caught up with fusing the months, I will begin the applique.

And... then......

I made some Half square triangles from a charm pack to make a quilt for my new grandson...

and some more half square triangles for a quilt that my local shop is teaching...

I am making 2 versions in 2 colorways and 2 sizes....

...and I cut the fabric for some burp cloths my daughter requested....

 [I think I need to pick up more diapers and make a shower gift for someone else before I keep going on this project!)

Other projects that are ongoing..

Dublin quilt (I need 198 of these 3 patches for the size mentioned so I have a while to go but I stitch together a strip or two of green each time I sit to sew)

..and another hexy..... at one per week, I will eventually have a quilt :-)

.... and still using up yarn :-)  VA lap robes in progress....  as of the end of this week, I have squares for 2 lap robes and lots more yarn.  I will need to work them together.

I will be finishing up quilting and binding a birthday gift next and I can't show it off until I give it :-) 

What are you up to this week?

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