Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIP Feb 10, 2016

While I was at my daughter's home..... I worked a little bit crocheting on the next VA lap robe.... and on my next hexie flower...

I can't wait until I can start putting these together into a quilt top!

...and when I got home, I started movement on some of the ongoing projects in piecing ...  like the next set of droid blocks for my BB-8 quilt & the extra row of blocks on the churn dash....

and the next rainbow set of blocks in Tula Pink's book.... (I don't like having a book I'm not using :-) - though I must admit to having quite a few!)  Anyway, a friend mentioned last year that she and her daughter were making all the blocks in the book and it sounded like a fun project for my rainbow scraps....  the book is sorted into several categories - and I am working category by category.. color by color...   I did the blue in the first category last year - here is category 1 Pink & category 2 Blue..  [so.. 3 for next month]

The Modern HST (half square triangle) sampler by Alyce Blyth  at is a fun new project I started this year. 

This is the third block in her series..... and I am choosing the fabrics as I go...

And a third sampler I discovered while I was away..... the 365 Challenge.  A little nuts, I know... but a block a day for a year...  I am working on catching up now in my rainbow color scheme

January 1-7 + a bonus block

January 8&9; February 7-10

These are tiny blocks... finishing out at 3 inches.... and really fun!  A skill builder, for sure!  One of the things I love about my rainbow scrappy projects is that they will be FREE quilts..... this one particularly is using bits that most people throw away...  If you are interested...

Let's see... I also worked on a couple of new projects I just started... a Star Splash they will be teaching at the shop - in 2 colorways and different sizes.... I cut some of one of them and started stitching.... A blue pinwheel for my new grandson.... and a bit of sorting for the Shenandoah project.  I still have a bit of work with fabric selection and fusible tracing but will soon be able to fuse some of the pieces and get moving on those blocks!

So... lots of starts this week (new month!) and no finishes....  Tune in next week and see how all these projects are moving along!

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