Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WIP Feb 24, 2016.. nothing spectacular...

This has been a busy busy week!!

With little to show for it :-)

I did finish a birthday gift quilt.... which I can't share just yet - though I'm pretty sure the recipient doesn't read this blog :-) It's a jelly roll race quilt but I can share more about it later!

I quilted a bit on one of my old pieced tops.  I tried a modern quilting method and it looks awful :-(  On top of AWFUL for the old work....  I'm not happy at all but am hoping that looking at it with fresh eyes in a week or so will give me the chutzpah to quilt some MORE and perhaps rescue it :-)  It's name used to be Snowball but now it's more like Disaster.... yep, I need a change in attitude before I touch it again!

Let's see.... made up 3 of the burpcloths - 2 for gifting.. I still need to pull together a few more for my daughter.

Kind of maintenance mode here... I basted together 2 wallhangings &  a doll quilt so they are ready for quilting.

I've worked more on the Shenandoah blocks getting the pieces fused on the background blocks.... and I have fused half the flowers on an old quilt.  I seem to be preparing quite a few blocks for a run at machine applique :-) 

I have a second machine - an old Singer - that belonged to my mother-in-law.  I bought some new bobbins for it and am going to see if I can use that one for applique.  I need to play with it a bit before I invest in the proper quilting feet for it so this might be my thing to do it with :-)  I will have to do regular sewing - not piecing or quilting - on it to test it.

hmm..... a little bit of hexie handwork and finished up some of the lap robes for the VA hospital.  I am up to 4 of those.  I don't feel like I've made a dent in my yarn yet - but I will keep plugging away!

I'll have more next week because I will want to catch up on piecing the 365 Challenge Blocks.... and it's month end so I will need to FINISH up some stuff!  I guess I need to pull out my handwork basket and see what needs a stitch or two to wind up!

ps I DID do 2 of the 3-inch 365 blocks but I do need to catch up!

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