Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quilt Alongs....

Let's just say....

I love them.

I like to work on several projects at once.  And I like to learn.  And I have to do things (mess them up!) several times before I really know what I am doing.

But I am totally not into time constraints.

So I hate them.  Quilt-alongs run on a schedule.  And my life is on a different schedule :-)

BUT.... I am religious about getting the block instructions - and then working it into MY life.  Much of what I have learned about quilting, I learned right here on the internet.  I have fine-tuned it when I can find real live people to help - but most of my info starts here.  And no class is waiting on me to finish :-)

Just make sure and get the instructions!  Many designers run the project for free and then take the project down and sell their patterns - so make sure you get the instructions before they do that :-)  And also - share your work... it continues to promote the designer's efforts and shows your appreciation!

And quilt-alongs... with the friends I make.... are where I can learn.  I try to keep the number I join down... but I have also given myself permission to STOP if I'm not feeling it :-)

Most of these have Facebook groups where you can do a little show and tell and chit-chatting with your virtual sewing friends.  Which is really fun when no real live person in your world is doing the same thing!

Also - most of the projects have lots of contests and giveaways.  I don't usually get involved with those but they are available!

Anyway - I wanted to share a couple of new ones I am involved in this year that you will see in my WIP posts ....

The list will be online quilt alongs.... I also try to do the quilts presented as classes at my local shop where I work AND my little group has a triple Irish chain that they are working on.. so I will join in the fun there too.  I do love show & tell!

Modern HST Sampler - This one is a good pace....  12.5-inch blocks... 2 per month....  all half-square triangles.  I like the knowledge I am gaining / refreshing about different methods of making half-square triangles.  It is run by Alyce Blyth at Blossom Heart Quilts. (I am choosing fabrics from my stash as I go and will begin to tie them together later when a main color begins to surface :-)

This is the first block from January 2016

Aurifil Designer of the Month - Aurifil Threads runs wonderful projects each year.  They invite 12 designers to design blocks or projects.  I am working on the 2015 mini-quilts from last year still :-)  And started the 2016 blocks already.  I have printed the 2014 instructions and will mess with them sometime because I love the theme [women in our lives - especially women who taught us to sew!  I have visions of some sewing related fabric for it but haven't settle yet :-)]  
365 Challenge - I didn't plan to do this one - sounded daunting!  But all that work on the Aurifil minis last year... plus my work with scraps... anyway, I was intrigued by the concept of 365 blocks.... and then I looked - and many of the blocks are a tiny 3-inches!  Using up my 1 and 1.5-inch bits...  365 different blocks... all pieced... set in a lovely 90X90 sampler quilt.  So far, it's still fun and easy to catch up.   Presented by Kathryn Kerr from Australia.

This is the first week's blocks plus a bonus block.... I am doing these with color scraps by month - January is blue :-)

The Splendid Sampler - This one starts on Valentines Day and will go at a 2 block per week pace.  Yikes!  BUT it will encompass many different techniques and as many designers.  AND it will be a book when it is finished.  SO.. with all those lessons and ideas coming through.. I will set out with good intentions and definitely gather the info while it is available.  There will be piecing, paper piecing, applique, English paper piecing and I don't know what else - BUT with 100+ designers?  Well.. there is a lot to learn!  It is run by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.   [I plan to choose color by the block and tie together later]

Shenandoah Botanical - I LOVE the idea of this one but it's out of my comfort zone!  It is a fundraiser for the Virginia Quilt Museum - so about $20 for the pattern.  The quilt is a reproduction of an album quilt done in the mid-1800s of flowers in the Shenandoah Valley.  It has taken me several months to decide between hand applique and fusible & machine applique.... but the fusible has won out and you will begin to see the blocks show up in my WIP posts!  One block comes out per month with a show & tell post coming mid-month.  Lots of history and tidbits about the flowers...  Perhaps in a month or so I will have a show & tell block!  [for these blocks I am choosing period fabrics and trying to come close to the original quilt - some out of my stash.. but most purchased]

Droid Quilt-Along - Definitely for the nerds!  This is a birthday present so it has a deadline of mid-April.  [BUT the quilt-along ran last fall until the new Star Wars movie came out!  So I am once again on MY schedule :-)]  Run by Pam Cobb from the Stitch TV Show (You-tube)... I came across it from listening to Pam's podcast [hmm... I should do a podcast post]...  Anyway it's a gift for a Star Wars fan and done in BB-8 colors :-)

I will do another post later with a couple of other quilt-alongs that I am in the middle of... or quilt-alongs that I am not ready to begin but are on my list!

Do you do quilt alongs?

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