Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday Feb 3, 2016

How did another week go by?

Time surely does move faster as I get older....  I am going to spend a few days with my daughter and new grandson... so the last few days have been about wrap-up and a little preparation...

I finished up the extra blocks I needed for the 2 churn dash quilts.... [if you remember, I assembled one last month and didn't have enough blocks.... I've located enough fabric for one more lengthwise row.. and will add to the one - and I plan to assemble the second this month]

I have purchased and prepped [washed and pressed] fabric for a quilt they will be teaching at the shop.  I envisioned it in 2 different colorways and will play with that in the weeks ahead.  I am going to change the measurements too - so I want to pull together my versions before the class to give the instructor some options.

Oh - purchased and prepped the backing for my Spooky jelly roll gift.... so I can sandwich and quilt as soon as I get back home...

The set of blocks for Week 2 of the Droid Quilt- Along are done.. and I have cut the fabric for the Week 3 blocks.  They will fit in with the next set of piecing I do..

Also did one of the blocks from the McCall's Irish Sampler I started last year..  I stopped because it was too hard.  I've learned enough this year to keep moving... so here I go...

I found patterns to use some of the charm packs I've been buying from Missouri Star.  I don't know if you are familiar with them but they have a daily deal that I check religiously.  They often have charm packs for $2 or under and with $5 flat shipping, that is still a deal.  I've been purchasing for a while.... kind of playing.  If I can make a purchase for under $10 total, I do it.  Kind of my version of splurging on  a fancy coffee a couple of times a week.  Sometimes their daily deal is a different, more expensive product but I rarely get those.  $10 or under.

Anyway - at this point I have a collection of charm squares that I need to start using!  I found patterns that will use 3 packs and some solid white yardage... so yay for me!  Valentine Notes and a blue pinwheel (that if my daughter likes it will become a baby quilt for her son.. and if she doesn't.. it's still a quilt I want to make that I will find a home for)  Those are ready to add to the piecing line-up when I come home.

I decided that I will use fusible for the applique on the Shenandoah quilt along.... so ordered a bolt from Joann Fabrics during one of their online sales... and started work on the first set of blocks.  Somewhere in the next month or so, I will have enough fusible applique projects under construction that I will have a day or so that I can devote to the stitching only!

Let's see...... I dove into the handwork basket and finished up a hanging sleeve on a wall hanging.. and also pulled out a couple of the quilts to be mended (from my mother-in-law).  Two will have to be completely reassembled... she made them later in life and hand-tied them.  The fabric has ripped around the ties and they are really a mess inside.  I am thinking about removing the top from the back.... adding new batting and doing a stitch in the ditch - probably by machine.  But I will take them in to the quilt shop first and get advice.

And... last but not least... I finished up an afghan (one of maybe FOUR where I did the blocks and never put them together....  One is DONE!

The pattern is from the Crochet Crowd and is called Stitch-cation 2014.  I had a lot of fun doing the blocks and am pretty psyched to have the afghan finished......

So... what kind of crafty things did YOU do this week?

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