Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bread Adventures - Naan & Swedish Flatbread

 Naan is a traditional Indian bread that I've had before. 

Basically it is usually prepared in a clay tandoori oven.  Not having one of those, I used a heavy lidded pan.  Using one of the bread doughs in the book, it is prepared somewhat like a large pancake.  I made mine a bit too thick but it was still good. 

I liked learning the technique because we lose power a lot!  We have a generator and can cook in small appliances but not the oven... so now I know we can have fresh homemade bread done in my electric skillet!

I'm not sure I like the flavor much.  It is somewhat bland (to my taste!)

With butter, though, it was a good accompaniment to our meals.

Below I share my foray into Swedish flatbread.  Not so successful!  I definitely got it thin enough but I think I pulled THIS one out of the oven too early.

To my understanding, this is supposed to be somewhat like the Ry-Krisp we buy in the store.  If that is true - I failed!

But I DID make soft rye-flavored wrap-type bread that did really well with a sandwich filling.....  that is - IF you like rye (which I do :-)

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