Monday, April 4, 2011

Vinegar and lemon juice

I have a bit of a mold problem in one of my bathrooms and started searching for a vinegar / water mixture to clean it with.  Boy, did I find some good stuff about vinegar!

One of the best things I found (and tried) was using it to kill ants!  I mixed up a spray bottle to use in the bathroom..... but spritzed a couple of problem areas in the kitchen.  This is the time of year when those teeny ants make their way inside and I use up a LOT of bug spray trying to get rid of them.  Nasty chemicals that don't really work anyway.

I have to say....  vinegar/water killed the ants on contact.... AND, better yet - it's been 48 hours and they are not back yet :-)  Who knew?

Along the same lines... for the Pantry Purge I have 3...count them..THREE... open bottles of lemon juice in my refrigerator.  Well, I discovered that lemon juice apparently is as versatile as vinegar :-)

I particularly like the one where you teach your dog not to bark..... THAT one has some definite possibilities for my Pomeranian

not sure I believe it so I am not quite giving up my frontline BUT if a spray bottle of lemon juice helps kill my pets' fleas..... it's worth doing!

Why am I spending a fortune on deadly chemicals if vinegar and lemon juice will do just as well??  Time to use up the old and replace with the cheap & natural.

Am I the only one who is discovering natural cleaners right underneath my nose?

Do you have favorite uses for vinegar and lemon juice?

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