Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Food In Jars Mastery Challenge - Salt Preserving Take 1

When I heard the topic of the month - salt preserving - I had no clue.  Seriously.

And it got worse.

Salt preserved lemons.  Lemons?  Really?  And then what?  What on earth can I do with these?  I read lots of suggestions for Moroccan this and Mediterranean that... and homemade salad dressing (on my list for some day)... and anywhere I would put a little citrus. 

Sorry... uninspired cook here.  If it isn't made in a crockpot, I'm already stretching my limits :-)  Well... canning.... I do like to can.

I did a little more research... and decided... limes.  At least limes and salt sound like margaritas...  that might work.  I can do margaritas :-)

And herbed salts sound cool..  of course I don't use much salt so - again - a stretch!  BUT at least this sounds like it could last for a while or be gift worthy :-) 

So... I bought limes.... and put this together:

I think I might have already posted this pic....  I shook it.... and poked it... and a couple of days later, I started freaking out and put the last of my bottled lime juice in it.  And now it is in my fridge.

I'm frustrated and I don't know what I am doing....   or why :-(

Time to sit back a day or two and regroup.

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