Thursday, February 23, 2017

Salt & Herbs.... Success....

Oh my goodness... so so easy!

My only personal issue is that we use very little salt.... so my salt-herb mixes are too salty!  But I am working on them!

Celery Salt

I have some celery leaves in the fridge that I will dry and add to this until I get the combo right to suit me!  At least I have learned how to effectively dry herbs....  I am going to be so ready for the summer bounty :-)

Basil Salt

I have already doubled the basil in this one and not ground it up yet.  I am dreaming of summer tomatoes and basil salt!

And Parsley - Garlic - Scallion

Prepping the herbs and veggies for this one makes the whole house smell like GARLIC!  This is partially ground with my lovely new mortar and pestle....    I am working today on getting more herbs into the parsley salt mix.

Chopped parsley, garlic and scallions.... sprinkled with a bit of the salt mixture and drying in the oven....  at the lowest oven setting for 20  min or so... and then just turn off the oven and come back later....  maybe cook some more :-)  Until the leaves and veggies are crumbly.


oh yes....

I took one of my little salty key limes and diced it up into my Avocado Tomato Salad...  Whoopee!  Loved it!  It will take some practice to get the combo right - but what a nice addition to the flavor!

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