Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Food in Jars Mastery Challenge - Salt Preserving Take 2

Okay.... I'm still not sure about this skill... BUT

the challenge is still on!

I found some beautiful Meyer lemons in the grocery store today - well, Walmart of all places!  And organic key limes....  so.. here I go again!

The basic recipe is for salt preserved lemons.... and people seem to prefer Meyer lemons.  [seriously - I thought lemons were lemons]

And I followed the instructions carefully.

The lemons were really juicy - the limes were not.  I did use pint jars so I would end up with a smaller amount.

I put them together - and this is what I had:

These lovelies are supposed to sit out for 3-4 days... and I am to shake them... maybe poke and prod to release more juice.   In theory by Day 4, they should be submerged in juice.   Some recipes say to add more juice... some say to put in the fridge.... I'm not sure so I will take this day by day and see what happens.

I had also found another possibility for salt and lemons that intrigued me - a Vietnamese pickled citrus used to make a salty drink with clear soda - like ginger ale.  I used this recipe:

This one is filled with a salty brine so it already has a lot of liquid... and it is supposed to sit out for three weeks to ferment.

Jar #1 that was put in the fridge - the limes still are not submerged in juice.  I brought it out to hang with the others.  I will poke at it today and decide whether to put more juice on them or not!

Since this is a grand experiment, I think I will leave them all on the table and watch them each day.... I'll share with you what happens!

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