Thursday, February 9, 2017

Food in Jars mastery Challenge - Salt Preserving Herbed Salts

So now to try the herbed salt.  That sounds do able.

I will pick up some basil next time I am in the store - I could see using a salt-basil mix in Italian foods.... or maybe on a fresh summer tomato?

But today - I will use the celery in my fridge.

All those little leafy bits that I usually chop up for salads and soups...


Chopped finely...

Laid out on a cookie sheet and put in the oven at the lowest setting to dry.  (Instructions say you can leave it out open to dry in the air - but with pets and dust... nah... I'll use the oven)

I checked it every 10 minutes or so.. stirred it around...

I roughly covered the celery with salt... stirred it around.... and added more til it looked right to me. (sorry - that is how I measured!) 

And it smells divine!

The thing I need to figure out how to do is crush the celery leaves more for a consistent texture to my salt.  I used a finer sea salt - which may have been an error aesthetically.  Certainly this is still good - but it might be prettier if the salt & celery were a similar size...

Getting basil ready to dry now......mmmm.... thinking summer ripe tomato with Basil salt....   this is something that could be addictive!

What do you think you would use to make salt?

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