Thursday, February 23, 2017

Food in Jars - Salted Citrus.... Success, I think! Post 3

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Final Products - TA DA!

Salt Preserved Limes

 The one on the left is my very first one.  They are basic limes from the grocery store.  I took the instruction to pack the salt very literally!  But I have read enough conflicting instructions to know that I didn't ruin it :-)  I did use one lime quarter - rinsed - muddled in some ginger ale.  And it is really good.... I think it will be terrific in a mixed drink :-)  It tastes like you are adding salty lime... truly.  Might be a blessed addition to a Margarita!

The one on the right is made from organic key limes - with a lot less salt!  Both jars needed to be topped off with bottled lime juice to keep the fruit submerged.  I haven't tried these yet - but I plan to chop one up and add to an avocado-tomato salad and see how that goes.

Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons & Chanh Muối  (Chang Moo-ee)

The Salt Preserved Lemons are in the jar on the left.  The Chanh Moui is on the right.  The Chanh Moui has been sitting out for a couple of weeks - I put the others in the fridge because I got nervous.  I am convinced now that they would be fine left out as well.  One more week left for the Chanh Moui before it is ready to make Vietnamese Salty Lemonade....  since the limes worked, I am pretty sure this will work too!

and... Salt Preserved Grapefruit with Cloves and Peppercorns

 Absolutely beautiful and smells heavenly.  The only problem is that I have not one idea what to do with it!  I think I may need to find a chef to use these wonderful goodies I am creating.

Seriously - I am an uninspired cook.  When I ask for ideas to use these things.... I get people waxing enthusiastic about Moroccan this... and Tuscan that.... and I appreciate the help.  But as one who is mostly accustomed to tossing chicken in a crockpot.... I think I need a little more direction :-)  As I navigate this conundrum, I will share my discoveries...

*************** Oh - along that line, I did find something helpful for me the other night....  I have had a jar of pesto languishing in my pantry for almost a year.  I bought it because I like pesto.  It sat the pantry because I didn't know what to do with it!

but I found this: Slow Cooker Pesto Spinach Lasagna

A little skittish because I am not generally a fan of greens in things (I like greens but I like them raw), I tried it because I am trying to use up my pantry items.  And it is a WINNER!  And now I have a dish to use my pesto AND add a bunch of spinach.. that I like!  Of course it made a ton and I have a good bit in my freezer now.... so.. the pesto kind of moved from the pantry to the freezer... but it is ready to use and will not stay there long :-)

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