Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just a Tuesday

... I love the days where I get to stay home and work on my 'To Do's :-)  So much of my life is spent in the car taking people here or there... it's a blessing to stay home!  So - there is the story of today :-)

Today I had several things I wanted to focus on.  I was looking in the freezer the other day - remember all that stuff I put up over the summer?  Especially apples and pears!  Or was that before I got back to blogging?  Welll.. let's just say I learned a lot and my freezers are full! 

Full of single ingredients!

One of the things I want to work on this month as I continue to work on reducing our expenses.. is changing the 'single ingredients' into meals to make our lives a little easier.  So 2 containers of assorted beans.... a baggie of corn kernels.... some marinara.... some chopped peppers.. and a turkey sausage.. became a yummy bean stew that served as lunch, 2 2-cup containers for the freezer.. and a 3-cup portion to bless a friend with.  And I made lasagna with some no-cook noodles that have been languishing in my pantry... enough for us and 3 2-cup containers for the freezer!

I have 2 potlucks this weekend and will use some of my bumper crop of apples and pears to make fruit crisps to take with me... easy to pull together and always gets eaten!

Still need to get to the bills today.... and I have an afghan to finish this week (needs 3 more border rows).. along with whatever else I can come up with!

Personal progress (discipline projects!):

Current mega-project -  Photo scanning:  I scanned more today.  I am still at the stage where it looks like I will NEVER get it all done.  And the jury is out as to whether I will finish in 21 days... but I will be MUCH further ahead if I keep scanning some every day!

New small habit: I still haven't chosen one!  I've been stewing on it and just decided that I am working too hard on such a small thing... so in the interest of moving forward.. I admit.. every time I sit down to my computer I say... Gee I wish my surface wasn't so cluttered!  So... without any further ado.... I grabbed a small container and have swept the paper pile into it.  I'll move further into this later but want to make a decision and get on with it!

So there you go:  clear desk surface daily!

New Life improvement habit: strength training... I went to a Body Pump class at the gym yesterday - now there is a story for you - I will have to remember to tell about this!  But suffice it to say that I finally got to a class and had a blast!  I will go back tomorrow.. and then do basic home strength training later in the week (Friday)

Discipline Projects Round 1:

Quilting:  finished sewing the strips together for the border.. and cut some of them.  Now THESE need to be sewn together and attached to the quilt.  Am working on that step - AND trying to figure out where the muslin backing got cleaned up to!  My beloved helped me clean for Thanksgiving - and, well you know the rest.  I am still looking!  In the meantime, I signed up for a class teaching how to make placemats and got my fabrics ready for Thursday.
This project will not be complete until THE QUILT is completed but I can honestly say that I am using my quilting time most days and am on track to do more and enjoy it!

Bathroom mirror still looks good :-)  That sounds like such a small thing but it makes SUCH a difference in the way the room looks!

Daily biking didn't happen today - but it is because I CHOSE not to do it.  My thighs are really sore from the gym class yesterday and I plan to go again tomorrow.  AND I have done 11.5 miles of my December commitment... actually .5 miles ahead of schedule :-)  So it's all good - and not aggravating my thighs more is a good thing!


Miles progress:

12/1 3.5 mi
12/2 1 mile
12/3 2.5 miles & Body Pump class
12/4 4.5 mile

total December miles  11.5 miles / 73.75 to go

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