Sunday, December 23, 2012

Where is YOUR Focus??

I can't help but toss a few thoughts in here this morning.....

I have been so OUT OF IT per our culture this year...

Might be my age or stage in life... but I am so TURNED OFF by the obligatory gifting.... and the crass consumerism

It's even ruined Santa a bit for me... though I still love the jolly old elf as a do-gooder... and as an opportunity to both BE and teach my children to BE a "Santa" in the world...  but he is a child's story

But what gets me the most is the constant focus on the Christ Child.  I mean, I love babies....  and remembering baby Jesus is fantastic!

But like Santa, that focus is for the little ones.

We big ones - who are Christian - are TRULY celebrating the second coming of Christ.  So the focus is (or should be) on preparing ourselves to enter the kingdom.

Is THAT any part of the flurry of activity you are involved in this year?  Or are you tied up in paper and bows and "what to buy for whom" and "when is the right time to thaw the turkey?"  Not to mention all the 70% offs and traffic snarls...

Do you remember that it is NOT Santa who is watching.... but God?  Are you ready to meet Jesus if you are called home today?

I'd like to pose a simple question.

Where is YOUR focus?

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