Saturday, December 8, 2012

Old Town 5K Run/Walk Race Report

This is the second race my husband has done with me - and it is still kind of exciting to think about :-)  He faithfully drives me to them but doesn't generally do them... but is changing about the 5Ks :-)

I wanted to do one on Thanksgiving but was hosting the big dinner at 1pm and really didn't have the driving time to get to a race, do my thing, and get back with an attitude that would suffice my hosting the crew.... so I hunted for another date.... and this was it.....

45 miles away - not too bad for us :-), we left early so that we could pick up our race packet between the times given (7-8am).  Of course, as it turns out, this was a little race and our 7:30am arrival time meant that we had to kill time until the 9am start!  We spent most of that time sitting in the car chatting.  The race started right at the YMCA... so at 8:30 we wandered inside to the gym and did a few laps on the indoor course to warm up.

It was pretty chilly and overcast.... I knew the chill would be in our favor once we started moving - but was a little concerned about rain.

The whole time, my husband was talking about how much he hurt after the last race he walked with me.. and how he was going to take it easy this time.... and how much he didn't care and just wanted to have fun.   Yep..... uh-huh

We lined up and the timer went off... and so did he!  At a good brisk jog.... so I jogged as long as I could and told him to go on :-)  And he did!   I was behind him most of the way... doing a lot of walking and a little jogging here and there.  I caught up at the water station (Mile 2) and when we started again... there he goes!

Seriously I am really proud of him!  I did my best.. and both of us shaved 7 minutes or so off the times we had at the last race.  This was surprising because this time, the course was HILLY!

The only downside for me was that (like the last race) when I jogged down the final stretch, my stomach started heaving.  Like the last time, there was nothing to toss (thank goodness)... just dry heaves.... but I need to figure out what to do about this.  I DO eat breakfast and am hydrated so I'm not sure what the deal is.  I never have tummy issues so it's weird.

The fun thing for both of us is going inside to get food and water.. and watching the board.  No one on the board in my age group - and only one fleet of foot guy in my husband's.  We ended up with place medals in our age group -he took second his his age group with 39:39 and I took first with 40:22.  Kind of cool!

I would encourage anyone to try out these little 5K races...... it's only 3 miles.... and there might not be many people in your age group :-)  In which case.. you kind of get a participation medal for doing it.... which for some of us is pretty important!  I know for me, it takes more energy to get to the start line - than it does to finish the course.

I ALWAYS give myself grief on race morning - like - why on earth would I get up so early for THIS?   AND - from about the middle until 3/4 through... it's like.... What were you thinking???   And from that point on, it's always.... You are almost there, Katy.... you can do this!

And at the end - I am always SO glad I came and put myself out there!  ONE time I remember it being awful all the way through.... but usually races are a good thing for me!

After our eventful morning, it was a quick lunch at Wendy's (we didn't plan on eating out but Don was a little shaky by this point).  He is having to learn how his body reacts to racing.... and I think we BOTH need to have more regular cardio in our lives (which might, in fact be my tummy problem)

Back home and get ready for my youngest son's Black Belt Tea Ceremony.  He was awarded the black belt he earned a month or so ago at this beautiful ceremony.  It was a lot of fun but I have to say I am bushed!  A busy day!

Miles progress:

Week 1 14.5 mi  2 Body Pump class
Dec 8 - 4 miles

total December miles  18.5 miles / 66.75 to go

Other progress..... better left alone....  this was not an achieving day for new habits!

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