Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crochet Post #343-346 & 347-350

Finishing up a few afghans that I have been working on for a long time!

Each afghan used 10 of the Breast Cancer Ribbon filet crochet squares and 10 plain squares in a coordinating variegated yarn.


I've been working on these for a couple of years so was glad to see them finished.  I will use one of them myself and am not sure about the other.  I am trying to decide whether to give it to someone or to auction it off to raise money for my annual 3Day walk sponsorship.

But anyway - below I will share the next 8 dishcloths in my 365 challenge series!

#343 Winter Greeting - pictured below on the upper left.  I LOVED doing this one... the directions were clear and simple and it worked up quickly.  The results you can see for yourself!

#344 Solar Eclipse Dishcloth - pictured on the upper right... again, simple clear instructions and worked up quickly.  Choice of colors is not a favorite for me - but I would definitely do this one again.

#345 Friendship Pineapple Greeting - Cute!!  Fun to do and easy - but I'm not sure I'd do it again.... unless I needed a quick gift at a luau-themed party?

#346 Sunburst Dishcloth - above on the bottom left.  I like this one but I couldn't get it to lie flat and that annoyed me.

The next four dishcloths are pictured below:

#347 Granny's Path Dishcloth - pictured below on the lower left.  As much as I lover granny squares, I don't usually like them as dishcloths.  Somehow the rectangular shape of this one feels more useful to me.  This cloth turned out absolutely lovely - my photos don't do it justice.  This pattern is a keeper!

#348 Penguin Dishcloth...... totally adorable!  This cloth just makes me smile :-)  It worked up well with a little extra stitching for the eyes and beak.  What a fantastic cloth for a child's bathtime!

#349  Snowman Dishcloth - on the upper left.  Another one that the photo doesn't show well enough.  The basic circle is quick and easy... the features are not too hard to figure out and then just a bit of stitching.  But he is so cute, he makes a great gift!

#350  Winter Sunrise Dishcloth - another round favorite for me!  I have truly enjoyed working up so many simple patterns.  This one is lovely.  I could see it done well in several color combinations.

All of these patterns are available free at Maggie Weldon's site www.bestfreecrochet.com in the dishcloth archives.

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