Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lost in the shuffle...

I have had a couple of days where my head is spinning.. and I am worrying that I will not be able to manage this self-discipline mega-project idea.  Wednesday was my usual Wednesday with tons of errands plus the serendipity of spending time with one of my grandgirls.  Today I was blessed with the opportunity to take a quilting class about making placemats.  I LOVED learning a new technique!

Thing is....  my original project was FINISHING a quilt.. and I haven't done anything on THAT for a couple of days.  I haven't mended any either.  And now, I've moved forward and (yesterday) bought fabric to make dresses for the grandgirls for Christmas (3 weeks away) and now have a placemat project that will take at least another day to finish (which will probably translate to a couple of parts of days).  All that aside - renewing my relationship with the folks at the quilt shop probably means that WHEN I finish the quilt, I will do a better job..

I have let my mega-project snowball into NEW projects!  And at a time when the deadlines are arriving fast an furious...

I haven't finished Christmas decorating... not a huge deal since we usually get the tree up in mid-December (and we aren't there yet)..  LOTS of Christmas things to do...

Tonight I will work on an afghan I need to finish up (by Saturday night) - so that will take priority.

But I'm a little bummed because I am behind on miles... the good part is that I DID do my class twice this week, am planning more miles tomorrow (because I am planning to be HOME) and I have a 5K with my hubby this weekend.

No photos scanned today either :-(

I guess my take-away for the day today is two-fold....
   A) Don't let your mega-project get lost in the shuffle of new excitement and projects
    B) Some days are very busy!  You have to keep living... but you also have to keep coming back to center.  The self-discipline habits and projects have a purpose - to build a better life for YOU!  So you have to keep coming back to center... and gathering your thoughts and beginning again.

Thank you, God!  For a tomorrow to work with :-)

Miles progress:

12/1 3.5 mi
12/2 1 mile
12/3 2.5 miles & Body Pump class
12/4 4.5 mile
12/5 Body Pump class
12/6 1 mile

total December miles  12.5 miles / 72.75 to go

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