Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saving the Day..

waking with a colossal headache!  YUK!

My plans to leave by 8:30 to walk into town have been slightly derailed because I feel so rocky.  It's hard sometimes because my allergies are so strong I can't tell what is a cold and what is allergies!  But we've been keeping a stray dog (in addition to our other pets) and I think I've been struggling with some extra dander overload lately.

But all is not lost - hopefully just delayed.  I have been nursing breakfast and scanning photos - and writing here.  Took my herbal supplements and am waiting for it to kick in.  I DO need to move this body though and soon :-)

It will be a good day - I just need to get a handle on it!


I did go out and do 3.5 miles... so only 81.25 more to go in December :-)  I have a bridal shower this evening so need to spend some time this afternoon primping (so not a usual occurrence!) and getting ready to go.  We will leave mid-afternoon to catch the Saturday evening church service (to make tomorrow morning a little easier... I still have to go in but can go later if I attend Mass tonight) and my husband is driving to give us a little "us" time.

After Mass, he'll take me to the shower and make himself scarce for a couple of hours.  (He will probably go out to eat - I will have healthy snacks, etc packed for me in the car).  Since I don't feel well, it's pretty important that I stay nourished - also that way, I can sample the goodies tonight knowing that my body has been FED well already - so it's a tasting fiesta, NOT a meal.

So - I will be ready!  I am getting ready to get off here and go do my biking... and then my strength stuff... then on to the primping for tonight!

I think what's important to note here is that advance preparations and some routines/ plans & habits can save the day!  My headache is still with me - I hope it will go away as the day goes on.... but I have still completed the things on my list!  My good habits and my plans have not been completely derailed because I woke up with a bad headache.... and this feels pretty good!

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